Lash Extensions & Brow

Classic Lashes

Natural Set (45 LPE)- $120
Classic Set (75 LPE)- $160
Glam Set (Unlimited LPE)- $175
Classic Refill- $65/ 3 weeks
Classic Refill- $75/ 4 weeks
Hybrid Set (Volume & Classic)- $190
Hybrid Extension Refill- $80 (3 & 4 weeks)
Eyelash Extension Removal- $30

Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Set – $220
Mega Volume Dramatic Set – $260
Russian Refill – $100
Mega Refill – $125

Eyebrow Extension

Eyebrow extension & shaping- $60.00 (first session)
Eyebrow Refill- $35/weekly


Eyebrow Tint- $20
Eyelash Tint- $25
Lift & Tint- $80


Eyebrow- $25
Upper Lip- $10
Sideburns- $15
Chin- $15
Neck- $25
Partial Face- $45
Eyebrow & Full Face- $65

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                         Hydrid Set                                             Classic Full Set                                        Volume Dramatic Set


Pro Eyelash Extension Training

Prerequisites are not required to apply for our Level 1 & 2 Classic Eyelash Extension Course. We will teach you everything you need to know and it doesn’t matter what your previous career was.  Just come to us with a humble attitude, good eyesight, steady hands, and an open mind. All courses are one on one private training so that all students get the appropriate attention during training. For a successful learning experience we believe that are students will strive with a one on one ratio so that nothing is missed between the levels.


Classic Extension Training Course

This course is the introduction to the world of Eyelash Extensions and provides you with certification that is your key to all advanced, Hybrid, & Volume Eyelash Extension training Courses.

This course includes Level 1, 2 and 3. It requires 3 consecutive days of training and includes your eyelash extension start up kit which you will receive on your first day of class. Each level must be completed before moving on to the next level.  (If you do not successfully complete level 1, 2, or 3 you will have to do the failed level again)

Level 1 includes Theory and an introductory manual to fundamental and comprehensive eyelash extension training where you will learn health and safety protocols. This level will help you understand products and tools which will be necessary for successful eyelash extension application and methods. It will also cover essential business development training so that your transition into this industry is as smooth and professional as possible.

Level 2 includes the student shadowing the instructor on how to apply eyelash extensions on a model. You will train for work area preparation and hands on eyelash extension application on a practice mannequin. Once eyelash extensions are applied, any lashes that were not applied properly will have to be removed and applied again. This is called “touch ups” where you will learn how to fix a mistake. Once all lashes have been applied correctly, you will learn how to remove the lashes with the appropriate products and tools.

Level 3 includes client preparation, aftercare, and FAQ. Level 3 is essential as the student will finally successfully apply a set of eyelash extensions on a live model. The student will be required to complete two sets of eyelash extensions for that day under the supervision of the instructor (Students are required to get 2 models for level 3)


Advanced Training – Volume Extension Training Course

Prerequisite Required – Must have level 1, 2, & 3 completed

This advanced course will cover education about Volume Extension Eyelashes. However we believe in always updating this course as new and innovative methods are always being introduced in the industry of Eyelash Extensions. You can anticipate learning everything about Volume lashes and the types that are now trending such as Hybrid Extensions, Russian Volume, 2D to 6D Eyelash Extensions.

Level 4 includes students learning volume extension history, how they are created, & how they are applied in a safe manner. Tools and Products will be discussed for successful application, faster and more accurate methods. The students will be taught how volume extensions can be safe as long as they are applied properly and with the proper knowledge of the weight of the extensions. Theory about weight and quantity will be explained in detail so that there is no damage to the natural eyelash during applications. The students will be able to practice with multiple tweezers, adhesives and extensions sizes and understand the purpose for each and every tool introduced to them.

Level 5 includes the instructor teaching students how to create a fan and elaborating on different methods to achieve the perfect fan that works for the student. The instructor will demonstrate the different techniques and the students can decide which method they are most comfortable with. They will be allowed to practice with all different tools and products. Students will have time to demonstrate what they have learned on a practice mannequin. Level 5 will finish off with the student shadowing the instructor applying a set of Volume extensions on a model.

Level 6 includes the student demonstrating what they have learned in previous levels to successfully apply a set of volume extensions on a live model under the instructor’s supervision. Students will have the opportunity for FAQ during this application. During this time the instructor will offer focal points and great tips to improve their technique during the application that can also be utilised for future applications in their career. (Student are required to bring 2 models.)



To obtain certification, level 1, 2 and 3 must be completed successfully and proof of photo submission of successful eyelash extensions applications. Once the various application results are deemed satisfactory, a certificate will be issued.

Certificate for Classic Extension Course and Volume Extension Course will be issued separately.



3 Day Classic Extension Training course Level 1, 2 & 3 – $1400.00 (Includes Professional Lash Kit)

3 Day Volume Extension Training course Level 4, 5 & 6 – $1100.00 (Includes Professional Lash Kit)

6 Day Classic & Volume Training course Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 – $2000.00 (Includes Professional Lash Kit)



  • Cancel 2 weeks before the starting date of class – receive full refund less $100.00
  • Cancel 1 week before the starting date of class – receive refund less $250.00
  • Cancel less than 7 days before the starting date of class – receive 50% of total training fee
  • Absence (No Show)  No Refund
  • Reschedule Fee $120.00



For Registration and Inquiries please email [email protected] OR call 416 – 966 – 9797



Payment can be made in person at Salon Davachi, by telephone, or E-Transfer.