Hair Care

Designer Hair Cut – $170 & up
Split ends trim – $100 & up
Men’s Hair Cut – $120 & up
Kid’s Cut Under 10 Years – $65
Root Colour – $145 & up
Fullhead Colour – $145
Highlift Fullhead Colour – $160
Toner – $85 & up
Bleach & Tone Roots – $180 & up
Colour Correction – $150 & up
Balayage – $150 per hour
Full Designer hi-lights – $180 & up
Partial hi-lights – $100 & up
Men’s hi-lights – $85 & up
Blow Dry – $85 & up
Oribe Gold Lust masque & 30 min steam therapy – $65
Philip B. Luxury Scalp oil treatment includes:
– 15 Min Scalp massage & 30 min steam – $90
Up Do – $100 & up (extra fee $ for hair accessory)
Hair Perm – $130 & up
Body Wave Perm – $200 & up
Hair Relaxer – $350 & up
ELUMEN Colour (ammonia & Peroxide free) $230 & up

Lasts 3 to 4 months

• Intense and brilliant color results

• Exceptional shine

• Remarkable and incredible durability

• Amazing, healthy looking hair up to 76% more color intensity
compared to conventional oxidative permanent hair colors*

Natural, warm, cool , High Fashion, Pastel, & customization of
colour is available.

Note: Olaplex & Smart Bond 1, 2 & 3 By L’oreal is available. (Must
request during colour service at an additional fee)

Exclusive Hair Therapy & Treatments


Organic Shine Treatment      $180 +

This treatment is organic and will give you exceptionally long lasting results (3 months) This type of treatment therapy is good for all hair types however those who suffer from dull, damaged or fine hair will find it very effective. This treatment not only offers shine but density and also includes hair shaft protection with its magnetic formula that attaches itself to every strand of hair. (PRICE IS BASED ON LENGTH OF HAIR)

Brazilian Organic Treatment     $199

Brazilian Organic Treatment is a Formaldehyde FREE formula that restores all types of damaged hair while controlling volume and frizz. Formulated with acidic proteins, L-Cysteine, amino acids, natural keratin and Argan oil that are bio compatible to human hair. This Formula is developed to lubricate, repair, and strengthen hair.

Hair Protein Therapy                 $199

Hair Protein Therapy ( with Collagen and Argan Oil) is the latest and most advanced protein formula to remove frizz, reduce volume and deeply restore damage, without the use of harsh chemicals. It can be applied on previously straightened hair, colored or de-colored hair, and hair that has been treated with any other chemicals. The healthier the condition of the hair, the better the final result will be. The volume reduction is progressive and cumulative, making the hair easier to work on, besides providing shine and natural look to the strands. For very thick, curly hair, previously treated with a relaxer, applying this treatment will provide an amazing result and a very natural look. Formulated with vegetable protein, Argan oil, collagen and other neutral oils for intense repair and hydration.

Hair Botox                                $499 & up

Hair Botox is the most advanced hair repair, anti – aging and straightening formula worldwide.
The treatment repairs the damaged or broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, BONT-L Peptide, B5, vitamin E and collagen complex, which guarantee to moisturize, nourish, repair and revive hair. This treatment adds incredible shine, softness and eliminates frizz. Major benefit of the treatment is that is had the capability to repair split ends. It is impossible for Hair Botox to damage hair or weaken its integrity, which is quite possible with keratin treatments that are too strong as they deliver to much protein to a clients hair shaft.  Hair botox is Formaldehyde Free and does not give off fumes or harsh smells unlike Keratin Treatments. This is not only revolutionary in the hair care world but its a privilege to offer such a luxurious treatment for those who need it most. We believe in beautiful hair just as much as healthy & youthful hair.

Hair Extension Services – Guaranteed 100% Cuticle Remy Hair

Pricing during consultation
We offer partial head and full head applications

FUSION – Fusion consists of hair extensions being connected to your own hair with traditional keratin bonds that are activated by applying heat to the bond and attaching them individually to your own hair. This method is very popular and looks very natural.
Features: lasts 3 months, hair is reusable up to 3 times, & 25 strands per pack (1.0gm per strand).

SEAMLESS TAPE – Hidden hair tape extensions is the newest method of extensions. Application is amazingly quick and tape is waterproof. This application consists of your own natural hair being sandwiched by 2 hair extension pieces that fuse together and lock in natural hair. This method not only creates major volume for those with flat hair but also provides major fullness for those with thinning hair.
Features: lasts up to 4 months, hair is reusable up to 4 times, zero bulkiness & discomfort, virtually invisible, Lengths available 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ & 22″ with 35 colors available.

COLD FUSION – also known as Double Loop, is a method that lasts longer than single loop & other systems such as the Single – Lock, Euro – Lock or I-Tip.
Features: lasts 3 months, hair is reusable up to 3 times, 10 strands per pack with 33 colors available.